APPLY NOW to paint the Bondi Beach Graffiti Wall this summer!

The Bondi Beach Sea Wall is open to artists of all calibres. Artists seeking permission to paint a mural must submit an application online.

To support the diverse and dynamic character of Bondi, the artworks on the Bondi Beach Sea Wall are constantly changing. Each panel on the Sea Wall is allocated for a six month time period.

Applications to create a work on the Sea Wall for summer 2020 will be accepted until Friday 6 September.

Applications must be received before Friday 6 September for painting across summer 2020.

For further information, please contact Waverley Council’s Visual Arts Team at or by phone on 02 9083 8746.

Image by Days One DCA and Kade.

Welcome to Bondi – Freedom of Speech

Everyone was shocked when ELK (artist Luke Cornish) stencilled his Welcome to Bondi panel in late July 2019.

The panel depicts 24 Border Force ‘soldiers’ in paramilitary/riot gear holding semiautomatic weapons – with WELCOME TO BONDI lettered in a Soviet-style font across the top.

This represents the 24 Asylum Seekers who have committed suicide in Australian onshore/offshore detention camps since 2010.

Now the Graffiti wall at Bondi Beach has always been used for social issues (refugees, marine conservation etc) and Luke has a history of painting confronting pieces – his 2016 – Capitalist Pig piece with Kaff-eine features a Capitalist Pig and his canine wife who wears a scarf made of Syrian refugees – but this one REALLY upset people. Local politicians ranted against the painting on Facebook, local people (by and large) ranted FOR the painting. It made media across the country. Petitions were launched for- and against- the mural. It became a real political hot-potato.

And so on Tuesday night (6th August) Waverley Council voted whether to keep the mural or not. They voted 5-4 in favour of the mural (broadly split on political lines) and local art-lovers celebrated.

Then late that night after the meeting someone defaced the mural with a roller. Police haven’t yet caught the culprits – but it echoes the behaviours of other thugs in February this year when the wall was defaced with swastikas in an attempt to intimidate Bondi’s Jewish community.

Free speech isn’t for everyone it seems.

So where do we go now? We are hoping that Luke paints right back over it!

Bondi Beach Murals defaced with Swastikas

The Australian Jewish news reported this morning that a number of murals on the wall (including pieces by Reubzz) have been defaced overnight by vandals using Swastikas.

This is disgusting and a further example of the rise of Australian right-wing nationalism – we need to stand against racism of all kinds.

Fortunately, Waverley Council staff were down at lunchtime attempting to clean off these horrible symbols.