Hayley Welsh

British born artist Hayley Welsh has established herself as one of the most exciting creatives in the street art scene. Following her recent shows in London and New York, her whimsical street art has become fondly recognised for it’s surreal, fluffy, wide-eyed creatures, with darker undertones of the unknown and abyss.

There is something quite fantastical and a little bit dark lurking in Hayley’s work. Utilising various surfaces from walls to found objects as her canvas, she reveals curious creatures, so cute they can’t be trusted. With their ominous softness, Hayley explores inner voices of self doubt and fear, weaving a poignant narrative into every piece – a message for each person to reflect on in the moment.

Hayley’s unique style displays a technical approach, mixed with nostalgia and humour. Surface images that might otherwise seem inviting, have an other-worldly quality that take them places beyond the image in front of us. Her playful aura eludes to a childlike innocence, yet this is juxtaposed with darker undertones of the unknown and abyss.

Current Work

Contact Details

You can see more of Hayley’s work and contact her via:

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