ELK’s wall post gets publicity

Luke Cornish (ELK)’s Welcome To Bondi piece features 24 Border Security Guards and represents the 24 suicides in detention since 2010 – it has certainly been creating waves.

Leon Goltsman, a Liberal councillor on Waverley Council ranted on Facebook and ABC Radio Sydney he wants the mural removed because the area shouldn’t be politicised:

“People come down to the beach, they’re bringing their children, they’re bringing their families. We’ve got tourists. If they want to see this kind of art they go to the gallery, they’ve got the exhibition. They’re not expecting this. Kids are being traumatised.”

But Leon is in the minority – most of the commentators seem to back Luke’s bravery in bringing this issue to the public eye.

Maybe the people who hate the image are struggling with their sense of shame.

Bondi Beach Murals defaced with Swastikas

The Australian Jewish news reported this morning that a number of murals on the wall (including pieces by Reubzz) have been defaced overnight by vandals using Swastikas.

This is disgusting and a further example of the rise of Australian right-wing nationalism – we need to stand against racism of all kinds.

Fortunately, Waverley Council staff were down at lunchtime attempting to clean off these horrible symbols.

Peque Vrs Paints WAYS

If you’re checking out the street art on the Bondi wall, take the time to head up Wairoa Avenue – Mexican street artist Peque Vrs has done an amazing job of repainting the front of the Waverley Council WAYS – (Waverley Youth Services) building.

His work features two guys driving off in a convertible and a girl surrounded by the words:

  • Success
  • Confident
  • Opportunity
  • Inspired

WAYS has supported the youth of Bondi – including its budding street artists – for over twenty years.

2017 in Review – Bondi Beach Graffiti Wall

Well it has been a busy year on the Bondi Beach Graffiti Wall – we have had some amazing art created by some incredibly talented artists.

The Instagrammer’s favourite for the 2017 season was clearly Em Carey‘s 2016 – The World in Detail – and whilst not graffiti, it took Emma days to complete and really resonated with the public.

And there was a wide variety of work – from the aerosol work of Gus Eagleton – whose 2017 – Reflections showed an incredible nozzle control:

Simple pieces like Andre Braun – BondiWorld‘s 2016 – Rodin’s Seagull:

And Yipes one MD‘s classic 2016 – Top Cat (see photo at the top of this page).

Here are a couple of videos that I took on Christmas Eve 2017 – and although my videography is amateurish, I hope you see some of your favourites.

Once again, thanks to the artists for brightening up Bondi, to Waverley Council for curating the wall, and to everyone who shared images on Facebook and Instagram. Keep sending them and I’ll keep adding the pages to the website!


Art on the Streets at Bondi Winter Magic 2017!

There’s ice skating, art and entertainment, and for the first time, the Bondi Eye, giving visitors a birds eye view of Bondi Beach from a 32 metre high ferris wheel!

Soaring high above the iconic Bondi Beach, the Bondi Eye will give visitors spectacular 360 degrees views, enjoyed away from the chilly sea breeze in a glass capsule.

Also included in the sparkling Bondi Winter Magic program is a magical blend of art, culture and history with the “On the Streets” series of music and art and a stroll through Bondi’s History with our “Bondi History Walks”.

For more information visit bondiwintermagic.org.au

Keep an eye on our Facebook page for updates: facebook.com/BondiWinterMagic

Key Events

  • Bondi Ice Rink – Friday 30 June to Sunday 16 July, Daily from 10am to 9pm
  • Bondi Eye – Thursday 29 June to Sunday 23 July, 10am to 10pm Sunday to Thursday and 10am to 11pm Friday and Saturday
  • Art on the Streets, Sunday 16 July, Roscoe Street Mall
  • Music on the Streets, Sunday 30 July, Bondi Town Centre
  • Bondi Feast, Bondi Pavilion, 18– 29 July, Tues – Sat from 6pm, Bondi Pavilion, Bondi Beach
  • Bondi History Walks, Sundays in July at 10am and 2pm