Brentos is Australian born Brent Turner, an illustrator, painter and public artist whose ice-cream pastel, wildlife inspired artworks can be seen on walls and tunnels near Sydney’s beaches.

His work is often described as a uniquely tongue-in-cheek Australian style of pop art that bursts with willy-wonker pastel colours complimented by bold, striking linework – attempting to capture his audience in the moment and taking them on a journey of happiness, discovery and play.

Whilst avoiding sensitive political issues, Brent leans toward keeping his work light-hearted and free from political themes, instead instilling a sense of kindness in his work towards the wildlife of Australia and encouraging his audience to develop a love and admiration for our wildlife and to learn more about how we as humans can help them through conservation.

Current Works

Contact Details

You can contact Brent and see more of his work via:

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