2015 – We’re all connected to the Sea

This work was painted by Flick Palmateer in June 2015 for World Oceans Day – Flick told the Marine Stewardship Council website:

How did your involvement with the MSC come about?
I’ve surfed most of my life, so I’m constantly in the ocean and always inspired by it and the creatures that inhabit it. A lot of my art is inspired by the sea. I want to help preserve the oceans so future generations get to see and experience what I have, or better. So collaborating with the MSC and encouraging people to choose certified sustainable seafood is a way of helping.

Tell us about the mural you painted at Bondi Beach for World Oceans Day
The green sea turtle and humpback whale are two of the earlier paintings I’ve done and people really love them, especially the turtle. We had a great space to work with, it was really large so I figured doing big versions of each would work well. The other art along the beach is quite busy, a lot of graffiti, so I figured a white background would give a cleaner finish, helping the whale and turtle pop. Plus we needed to include the messaging and MSC hashtag so it was important to make those visible. The link between the sea and the animals is obvious.

The rest of the article is available HERE.

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