Art My Ozone

Art My Ozone (AKA Picu) is an Argentinan, born and raised in Buenos Aires who has been working as a digital designer in Sydney since August 2017. Picu says his father put a pencil in his hand before he even learned how to talk and has been crafting artwork since then.

He believes that his style is the result of a mixture of techniques learned throughout a lifetime combined with a humoristic cartoon-comic feel – and he unashamedly  admits the expressionist and pop-art influences in his work.

From walls to surfboards, when there’s a surface I can use as a canvas, I go for it

Pica’s favorite urban artists are @fieldey (New Zealand), Mulga the Artist (Australia) and @mvarbaroart (argentina).

Current Works

Contact Details

You can contact Pica and see more of his work via:

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