Kaina Morais – Native Soul

Kaina Morais is a is a Brazilian artist who grew up in one of the most colourful cities in Brazil surrounded by art of every form. Her mother is also an artist and stimulated Kaina’s creativity. Since a very young age she was immersed in many facets of art.

After finishing an Interior Design course Kai travelled to Australia to study English and ended up falling in love with the country – after spending 5 years becoming familiar with
her new life and surroundings she felt the stimulation to begin creating again. Some of her early creations involved producing dreamcatchers, macramé, mandalas, watercolour and acrylic paintings.

Recently she took her career to another level and began to create indoor and outdoor murals. Her mantra is that anyone can tap into their creative potential fully believing that art is a pathway to self-discovery and healing.

Current Works

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You can find out more about Kaina via:

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