2016 – Rodin’s Seagull

This piece was completed by Andre Braun – BondiWorld in mid-December 2016. Andre repainted the Seagull in a number of positions through 2017 and 2018.

Andre told us:

Bondi represents for me a place where birds and humans share the same place, and came here long before us.  The close proximity to the beach is a perfect spot to highlight this amazingly adaptive bird and to giving it the centre stage!

Having observing seagulls for many years, I was surprised to see so many similarities in the way they mimic human expressions.

The painting is representing a single seagull. It is my representation of what the “thinker” from Rodin represent to human, a “thinker” of the bird world.  The mural is an attempt to bring our attention to these very adaptive and flamboyant creatures.

You can find out more about Andre and get his contact details on his profile page HERE.

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