2015 – Ghost Heads

Painted in 2015 by Disastronaut – who said:

At the Bondi Beach Graffiti Wall I faced a blank space that was in an awkward area -with windows and slightly left behind. but was inspired to place a few faces – as of all of the walls In the world I’ve painted – I would most like to live on this wall to look out on the breaks, the surf, icebergs and Tasmanian sea. It is the best wall in the world.

My signature clusters of ghostly black and white painted heads emblazoned across golden under paintings. Simpler and immediate – was painted quickly and with beautiful summer scenes all around …. Swimming there was a dream … Painting there was a high honour and priceless privilege.


2015 - Ghost Heads - Disastronaut
2015 – Ghost Heads – Disastronaut

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