2017 – Bondi Whale

Bondi Whale was completed in August 2017 by Chilean street artist Bako Chile. The whale is in front of the Bondi Pavilion behind the Bondi Lifeguard station.

2017 - Bako Chile - Bondi Whale
2017 – Bako Chile – Bondi Whale
2017 - Bako Chile - Bondi Whale - close-up
2017 – Bako Chile – Bondi Whale – close-up

Bako Chile said about his work:

I have been painting whales for a few years using watercolors – this was my first time painting one such big and I really enjoyed it. While I was painting people, walking along the beach gave me lots of encouragement compliments – especially kids and local surfers – and I really appreciated all of the support. To paint the whale I used black and white paint, some brushes, my fingers and the help of a few friends.

I was really lucky because I got the chance to paint the whale just 5 days before my Working Holiday Visa expired – it was a real shame that as soon as I finished the wall I then had to leave the country – I hope you all enjoy it and keep sharing your pictures on Instagram.

You can see more of Bako Chile‘s work HERE.

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