Jake Graham

Inspired and influenced by the constantly evolving world of graffiti, as well as the calming sights of living next to a beach. Jake is an artist who has created a body of work that consists of murals and paintings that reflect the zen of the ocean along side the urban genre of letters that have their own individual attitude.

The adventure into the world of graffiti started back in high school in the year 2008, when Jake was sitting in science class, whilst listening to the teacher, something caught his eye next to him, it looked like his mate was just scribbling, but he replied back to Jake that the scribbling that he was doing was called graffiti.

With a few years under his belt associated to the urban culture of graffiti, he decided to transfer ideas he had for murals, into smaller versions painted onto canvas that people could hang in their house.

This lead to Jake starting to gather a new type of following along side his peers in the graffiti world, that would end up commissioning him for canvases and murals, vehicles, skateboards even the occasional fridge(!) – along with an invitation to demonstrate live art or display paintings for events such as music festivals, Anzac Day tribute, Skate Park Jams.

Current Work

Contact Details

You can contact Jake and see more of his work via:

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