2017 – MerDogs

MerDogs was completed in February 2017 by Lily Keenan.

Lily says:

‘Merdogs’ merges botany with fantasy. These happy sea dogs drift together in harmony with the ocean, each of their ‘tails’ are inspired by a different type of marine botany. This work draws on the folklore of mermaids who were traditionally half-human guardians of the sea.  As we continue to pollute and jeopardise our oceans, this work can serve as a reminder of our seamless connection to the water that sustains us. This mural was done in support of Casa Congo, a sustainable development movement in Astillero Nicaragua that uses art and surfing to encourage a respect and love of the ocean. www.casacongo.org

2017 - Lily Keenan - Merdogs
2017 – Lily Keenan – Merdogs – Detail

You can find out more about Lily and contact her HERE.

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