2017 – Saltwater Dreamtime

Saltwater Dreamtime was painted in September 2017 by artist Zachary Bennett-Brook – and features concentric rings of spots on a black background. It was painted over in August 2019 by the same artist with his 2019 – Travelling Pattern piece.

2017 - Zachary Bennett-Brook - Saltwater Dreamtime - detail
2017 – Zachary Bennett-Brook – Saltwater Dreamtime – detail

Zachary told us:

The different circular sections in this work are based loosely off meeting place symbols. Traditionally a meeting place would have been a camp site where people get together to catch up and share stories and make memories. I feel the beach and especially Bondi is a perfect example of a modern day meeting place. Bondi beach attracts people from all over the world to come together and connect. Because of this I have made all of the different meeting places in this artwork overlap on each other, to symbolise the way in which Bondi is a melting pot that allows people from all walks of life to come together. The artwork has been painted in colours which I’m sure many would associate with the beach. It has 3 different tones of blue representing both the ocean and sky above, white has also been used to highlight the water-water that washes up on the sand. And the purple and deep pink represent the beautiful colours which light up the sky at sunrise each morning.

2017 - Zachary Bennett-Brook - Saltwater Dreamtime - close

You can find out more about Zachary and see more of his work HERE.

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