2019 – Birds of Bondi

Birds of Bondi was painted in February 2019 by Egg Picnic – and features a series of native birds in profile.

2019 - Eggpicnic - Birds of Bondi - Detail
2019 – Eggpicnic – Birds of Bondi – Detail
2019 - Eggpicnic - Birds of Bondi - Artist at work
2019 – Eggpicnic – Birds of Bondi – Artist at work

We asked them about their work and they told us:

“Since establishing ourselves in Sydney, one thing that left me in complete awe was the birdlife, because birds get so up close and the level of interaction Australians have with their birdlife in both built and natural environments occurs in very few places on Earth. I was fascinated and needed to find out more and learned about their uniqueness and ecological power. Australian birds are more crucial to the pollination and distribution of plants here than anywhere else on the planet.

Australia is home to around 800 bird species, almost half of which are endemic – that is, they are found nowhere else in the world. They are beautiful and odd, resourceful and innovative. They are also curious, emotional, smart and adaptable.

Australia has one of the highest rates of extinction in the world, and in the past few years we have witnessed a dramatic decline in bird populations. We have much work to do to change the way we view the world, which has become our vision as a brand.”

You can find out more about Egg Picnic HERE.

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