2015 – Digital Realities

Digtal Realities was painted in November 2015 by Sydney Stencil artist Not Not Cam Scott and features a series of empty skeletons praying for social media likes, friends, loves, and conversation.

Scott told the Huffington Post Australia:

The reality is that social media taps into such core desires, like really inherent feelings within us all; that need for acceptance, and appreciation and approval,

People put something up and go, ‘I hope someone likes that, I hope someone gives me a reward for putting something into the online ether.’ I think a lot of people are really hesitant to admit that feeling.

And said on his Instagram page:

While there is a tendency to dismiss most social media interactions as trivial or superficial, they do have an inherent ability to reveal truths about our underlining desires. As much as some might try to deny it, it is the human condition to seek acceptance, approval, appreciation for the things we do.

Never before have these core desires been brought forth so consistently as the quantifiable nature of these platforms ensures that every interaction can be measured and evaluated in some way. Anyone reasonably involved in these platforms will have experienced the way in which this analytic atmosphere can draw out these innate feelings that would ordinarily remain hidden within social reality.

Although much of the discussion around social media revolves around the curation of digital self, this work attempts to demonstrate how the opposite can often be the case. Our digital personas have the potential to affect us just as much as we shape them.

You can see more of Scott’s work HERE.

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