Sophi Odling

Traveling the world, seeing the people, streets and way of life, these are Sophi’s spectacle.

Born 1983 in Seoul, South Korea, Sophi grew up in Sydney where she currently lives and works. In 2005 Sophi completed her BFA at UNSW COFA. Her murals can be seen in Thailand and Australia, and has exhibited in Tokyo and Australia over the years.

As a constant traveller, Sophi resided in Tokyo for 3 years which saw the inspiration and launch of her self named label. Sophi built a strong fashion career of over 14 years experience with various Australian fashion houses and her label.

Sophi currently focuses purely on her painting and growth in the street art world. Her studio is based in the Inner West which is one of the main creative hubs of Sydney. After completing an artist residency in Thailand in 2016, Sophi continues to plan her ongoing travels as the main source of inspiration for her works which celebrate the acceptance of cultural diversity in this current global climate.

Current Works

Contact Details

You can see more of Sophi’s work and contact her via:

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