2017 – Douglas the Dolphin

This piece was painted in June 2017 by Cassidy Dillon – painting over Rosa Lopez‘s’s From Above.

She said:

Dolphins are one of my favourite animals and I decided to draw one a while ago on paper. I thought that there would be no better place to draw a dolphin than on Bondi Beach, and so this is what I painted. My design consists of a black dolphin with mandala/zentangle patterns in the middle of it, the background is light blue and has dark blue splashes to represent water splashes when the dolphin jumps from the water. For this artwork, I used Ironlak Pump Action Paint Markers to draw the dolphin by hand.

My grandpa Douglas passed away late last year in November and I decided to pay tribute to him by naming the dolphin Douglas in his memory because he always loved my art.

2017 - Cassidy Dillon - Douglas the Dolphin
2017 – Cassidy Dillon – Douglas the Dolphin

You can see more of Cassidy‘s work HERE.

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