Days One DCA

Days One DCA (Deluxe Custom Aerosol/Aesthetics) is a Sydney-based aerosol artist, sign writer, muralist, illustrator, designer and creative consultant.

Days’ versatile, creative skill set and photorealistic spray-paint skills have led him to showcase work in streets, galleries, museums, cultural centres and publications throughout the world.

Past projects include work for Local and National Governments and international brands; MTN Australia, Nike, Carharrt, Reebok, Skateboarding Australia, World Famous Westsyde, The Ones Clothing, Beach Burrito Company, Redbull, GeedUp Clothing, SPACE Furniture, King of Nothing Apparel, Blackbooks Co, Sydney Olympic Park Authority, Sailor Jerry, Big Village Records, Elefant Tracks, BNP Paribas, Westfield and EMI Music Australia.

Contracts also include work for events such as Future Music Festival, Rhythm and Vines Festival (NZ), Aotearoa Hip Hop Festival (NZ), Australian Skateboard Championships and The Platform Festival.

Work has featured in multiple publications and exhibitions, including VNA Magazine, Acclaim Magazine, aMBUSH Gallery, China Heights Gallery and Lo-Fi Collective.

Bespoke canvases and commissions are much sought-after additions to private collections; the contemporary urban schematics at play in Days’ freehand aerosol creations and illustrations are amongst the most intricate and detailed examples in the international art world.

Current Works

Historic Works

Contact Details

You can see more of Days One DCA’s work and contact him via:

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