2017 – Losing my spots for you

‘Losing my spots for you’ was painted in September 2017 by Joanne Stead using acrylics and permanent marker.

Joanne explained the work to us:

I have strong family ties to Bondi and Eastern Sydney beginning with my great-grandfather who was employed by NSW Fisheries from 1904 and built at Watson’s Bay in 1915. His wife along with my grandma contributed strongly to the local area, in particular planting the gardens at The Gap, and are honoured with plaques at the Gap and in Robertson Park, Watson’s Bay.

My first four years were spent at the family house at Watson’s Bay, where four generations of my family lived together. My grandparents created a beautiful ritual of taking our food scraps down to the waterfront behind our home after lunch each day and singing the seagulls in, and of course they flew in, in great flocks, calling out loudly and fighting over bits of roast potato and whatever other leftovers we had to offer. As children it was magical and it is a treasured childhood memory.

Last year I painted a self-portrait with a seagull on my head in honour of this formative memory, and for my mural I transferred my mostly unimpressed friend to the Bondi sea wall alongside a small flock of origami birds, one of which seems to have also developed a fondness for him.

You can see more of Joanne‘s work and contact her HERE.

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