My Name is LK

Luke Kennedy – AKA My Name is LK – is an Australian contemporary artist and illustrator based in Sydney.

 The inspiration for his unique pop culture and graffiti/tagging style of art was born from a childhood fascination of exotic lettering, patterns and bright colours.

 Luke’s bold, expressive and playful work pays homage to the youth subcultures in which he grew up in and continues to explore: surfing, skating and music. Using a range of materials and mediums, his artwork spans across canvas paintings, drawings, surfboard & skateboard designs, stickers, signage, clothing and large-scale public murals.

2016 - Tropicool Bondi - My Name is LK
2016 – Tropicool Bondi – My Name is LK

 His artistic vision reflects upon the landscapes of cities and natural environments, transforming what he sees and feels into vibrant, symbolic compositions.

Historic Works

Contact Details

You can see more of LK’s work and contact him via:

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