R-J aka The Massive, is as tongue-in-cheek in his art practise, as he is in life. Calling on a variety of influences that spreads from the work of Walt Disney to the bold anarchy of Anonymous – a global network of social ‘hacktivists’ – The Massive employs a blend of boyish humour and controversial courage both in concept and in practise.

Straddling a coveted place on the border between graffiti and commercial artist, R-J’s portfolio consists of public murals, commissioned design work, prestigious local and international art events and collaborations with companies such as Blackberry, Activision, Monster energy drink, Saatchi & Saatchi and Google.

R-J has returned from an 18 month hiatus having dropped his nom de plume now preferring to be either known by his real name, or completely nameless and known only for his work, which is a deconstruction and abstraction of previous prolific characters, with a new website and products dropping in the early part of 2018 R-J’s profile continues to grow as does his ambition.

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