2017 – Dive In

This painting of Bondi Swimmers was painted in February 2017 by LineForAWalk is called ‘dive in’ and has its roots in her love of swimming and the ocean. Building texture with geometric shapes features heavily in her art.

This piece covers over Alex Lehours‘s 2016 piece in memory of Dave Hannagan.

The path to getting this finished wasn’t smooth for LineForAWalk – who reportedly had her panel painted over by either a crazy or confused fellow artist:

Blank space. This is what I came down to find was left of my beach mural this morning. I had a run in with a guy yesterday who felt the panel should be his – even though I had been asked to do it and and been planning since November. He threatened to paint over anything I did and it looks like he did it.


But she got back on and finished it!

2017 - LineForAWalk - Dive-In - in progress 2
2017 – LineForAWalk – Dive-In – in progress 2

You can find out more about LineForAWalk HERE.

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