2016 – Dave Hannagan

This piece was painted in April 2016 by Alex Lehours – covering over A Wall Gone AWOL by Awolcreations and Ghost Heads by Disastronaut.

This panel was commissioned by friends of Dave Hannagan.  We asked Mark Yeats about Dave and he responded:

Smart, funny, bad dress sense, very well known to everyone in Bondi. There wasn’t a minute that would go by when you would be standing on the street and some one would stop and talk to him.. He knew everyone, from lifeguards to dignitaries and treated everyone equally.

Dave was a surf instructor at Let’s Go Surfing, his nick name was “Big Wave Dave”, since its inception and was integral in promoting that business and selling Bondi to the world in the early days. He was a skiing instructor also for a long time and toured the world as an instructor.  In recent times Dave worked at Raine and Horne Double Bay and Bondi Beach and was very successful as his network was far reaching of people from all walks of life.

Possibly the most positive and out going guy you could ever meet, and funny  – oh my god! If you ever needed a laugh go fave was always good for one.  We surfed a lot together, particularly in Bali, which Dave loved, he’d get to Bali any chance he could get.

Dave was sadly killed the day before Australia Day, which is ironic – cause Dave was as Aussie as they come, in an avalanche in America while skiing with a girl he met over there on holidays.

Dave’s obituary is here:  http://tributes.smh.com.au/obituaries/smh-au/obituary.aspx?pid=177605067

You can see more of Alex Lehours work via his profile page HERE.

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