2015 – Bondi Beach Boogie

This work was painted in 2015 by Atome – he says about the piece:

I grew up very far away from Bondi beach but in the early 80s I began school in Bondi and it’s fare to say it was the opposite of everything I knew.

Through that time and via class mates who live by the beach, I was lucky enough to see first hand some of the first pieces on the promenade, in the pavilion and of course one of my all time favourites – the ‘crime in style’ at north Bondi. In my opinion, some of the best writers in those formative years were from the eastern suburbs. I was really only exposed to them at that time but that’s how it felt and that was also the impression it left on me.

It was 10 years later in 1994, that I painted the promenade for the first time and have been lucky to have done so quite a lot since then. It’s one of those places that I loved painting. We did a lot over the years… had a lot of laughs, took a few over seas legends down their and made some great new friends and painting partners too.

It’s a very different place these days but like everything …. things change.

This was one of the simpler funner pieces I did early one morning as the sun was just coming up. Only surfers, joggers the odd seagull and bukem on the beats. Not pretty street art, not friendly I love Bondi imagery… just Graffiti …. like I always loved seeing as a kid all those years earlier.

You can see more of Atome‘s work HERE.

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