Martin Nester

Martin’s aerosol work takes influence from the energised and vibrant subway graffiti of New York in the late 70s and early 80s. Although the colours, patterns and techniques of this era are all elements which inspire the processes used by the artist, Martin instead applies these elements to large scale semi-abstract landscape paintings. As a result, the completed works create a convergence of time and place, creating a new landscape in itself.

As a former graffiti artist, Martin gained a wide range of knowledge and experience through practicing the art-form. Through this, he was able to develop creative concepts whilst exploring various locations. Through these experiences of creative development and spatial exploration, Martin’s work evolved from letter based works typical of the subculture, to experimenting with landscapes explored and documented by the artist while travelling.

A result of this experimentation led Martin to the technique of Landscape Transferral, a concept focusing on placing an image of a landscape in an unrelated or unfamiliar environment. This experimentation creates a juxtaposition of time and space, especially when the image is considered with its surrounding context.

Current Works

Contact Details

You can contact Martin and see more of his work via:

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