Last week we realised that a new piece of work has gone up on Bondi Beach Graffiti Wall – a purple and green piece by Merx.  We can’t find out much about this Adelaide-based spraycan artist – but his work is striking and old-school.  It’s always good to see new street art.

Check out his (half-complete) profile HERE.

See the page for his work HERE.

Merx’s piece replaces the cubist piece by Jas Jowett.


NEWS: Rosie Apps – i love BONDI


A few days ago, Rosie Apps completed her first piece for the wall – “i love BONDI”.


She writes:

DONE!! 11 hours later. I can honestly say I don’t think I’ve felt prouder of my work before! 😊💗 This has been on my bucket list for 5 long years, but I’ve always felt too nervous to apply. Thanks so much to everyone who came down to say hello. What a magical day! What other fears can I confront in 2016?!! (from Instagram)

Rosie is a local artist and cartographer