Joanne Stead

Joanne Stead is a self-taught artist based in Tamworth, NSW. Describing herself as a “mum, artist and life enthusiast,” she recognises and draws on everyday magic in her artmaking. Her artworks are described as unique, whimsical and striking, and will stir and inspire art lovers from all walks of life.

“I believe that two of most important things in life are a sense of belonging and a sense of purpose – feeling that you belong connects you to others, and feeling that you offer something meaningful connects you to society, so to have both is critically foundational. Reconnecting to my artistic side, as a reflection of what I can uniquely offer to the world, has been a major turning point for me.”

A diverse artist, Joanne works across mediums including scraperboard, spraypaint, charcoal, acrylics, collage and mosaics. Her artworks are described as unique, whimsical and striking, with works depicting a range of subjects from her own experience and imagination. A founding member of the Tamworth Regional Art Collective, Joanne has also worked on six public art projects in the last year, including a number of murals and two large mosaic installations.

Current Work

Contact Details

You can contact Joanne and see more of her work via:

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