2019 – Eucalyptus Goddess

Eucalyptus Goddess was painted by artist Chalida McKelvie in July 2019 – and features a woman clutching eucalyptus branches.

2019 - Eucalyptus Goddess - Chalida McKelvie Detail
2019 – Eucalyptus Goddess – Chalida McKelvie Detail

We asked the artist about the inspiration behind her work and she said:

I have created a mural representing the relationship between the ocean and Australian flora by depicting a sea goddess interacting with blooming Eucalyptus branches. Using the motif of eyes to convey notions of presence and awareness to encourage the viewer to become observant of the environment they inhabit. I’ve used bright neon pinks, yellows and orange against a calm blue; playful elements against a grounding background further portraying the feelings of wonder and excitement. Exterior house paints have been used to paint this mural to ensure longevity and has been applied via brushes.

You can find out more about Chalida McKelvie HERE.

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