2017 – Deep Sea Horror Story

This piece was painted in late January 2017 by WallyMcWallFace – and whilst the name of the work suggests something ugly and horrific, they have surrounded the scary near-blind Angler fish and Viper fish of the deep with bright colourful jellyfish… Maybe the real deep sea horror is the litter that washes into our oceans?

Steve said:

We’ve both had a real fascination with these deep sea fish for a while – we’re just really attracted to the strangeness of them!
By showing the coke can – lying at the furthest depths of the ocean, we thought this really emphasised the intrusion of man made product into delicate ecosystems that we have little understanding of.  This is the last bastion of the oceans and that garbage can even be found, even down there!

Green Angler Fish Detail
Green Angler Fish Detail
Pink Jellyfish Detail
Pink Jellyfish Detail
Red/Yellow Jellyfish Detail
Red/Yellow Jellyfish Detail
Viper Fish Detail
Viper Fish Detail

You can find out more about WallyMcWallFace HERE.


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