Women’s Creative Group

Women’s Creative Group is a group of 7 artist/mothers from Western Sydney. The artists are Anuradha Jayaseelan, Latha Seeniraj, Devi Mangalagiri, Sonali Gawade, Smitha Shankavaram, Shubangi Kapare and Neelima Jagtap.

The Women’s Creative Group represents the Community hub at Westmead Public School where all their kids study. Given their mutual passion for art they initially came together to learn a traditional art form of India and Nepal called Madhubani. They continue to be bonded by this passion through other traditional Indian art forms including Warli. It is their belief that through creative arts, they can inspire their children to bring out their creative talent and act as a bridge back to their roots.

Anuradha told us:

We have used this Bondi wall project as a means of showcasing the vibrancy of Indian traditional art form. Project participation, will exemplify the fact that Australians are Multicultural in the true spirit.

This is also an endeavour to preserve the culture and traditions for our children, so that they are able to appreciate the value of art and its true meaning.

India has a rich tradition of folk arts, the custodians of which are the many tribes. Warli is a beautiful folk art of Maharashtra, traditionally created by the Indigenous tribal women. It was explored in the early seventies and its roots may be traced to 10th century. The vivid styles are depicted on mud walls of huts using rice powder, water and gum as binder and chewed bamboo sticks as a paint brush. The paintings resemble pre-historic cave paintings and depict scenes of human figures engaged in activities like hunting, dancing, sowing, harvesting and wedding.

Historic Work

Contact Details

You can contact the Women’s Creative Group via:

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