History of the Wall

How it started

The Bondi Beach Graffiti Wall started life as a place where young Bondi kids – caught up in the graffiti craze that was sweeping the globe in the late 70s and early 80s – were experimenting with spray art.

As the wall wasn’t a legal wall, this resulted in the typical cat-and-mouse game between local police and the kids – until in XXXX the proposal was put forward by XXXX to turn the wall into a community wall and to work with WAYS to channel the work of budding young artists.

Established graffiti artists learned to control a spray can – and they taught budding street artists how to do it – in this way, artists like Droogie taught (then) young artists like Teazer the basic skills.

It is reported that the annual graffiti removal was costing Waverley Council $400,000 a year before the legalisation of the wall – and only $60,000 a year afterwards.

A move to Murals

In XXXX, the council stepped in and started allocating spaces based on applications. They attempted to award places to artists based on merit – but also based on community involvement.

The advent of Instagram

Twice a year – organisation

At the end of 2016, the council (as a result of being inundated with applications

Sydney Street Art by Famous Artists

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