2015 – Griswald the Good Vibe Gorilla

Mulga the Artist painted Griswald the Good Vibe Gorilla in December 2015 – and the fluorescent colours definitely stood out.  I had a good run (the fluoro became a bit pastel) and it was eventually painted over in February 2017 by Maz Dixon‘s 2017 – The Rough End.

Mulga says:

I painted him in support of One Wave Is All It Takes a non profit surf community taking depression and other funks by the balls and throwing them into the shorey. All around Australia and the world on Friday peeps dress up in fluro and go surfing together. Pretty radical.

The story about Griswald the good vibe gorilla.

Griswald the good vibe gorilla was born with a very special talent. It was the ability to make anyone who encountered him smile. Sometimes it was because of his happy bright colours and other times it was when he told a funny joke like “Why did the orange stop in the middle of the road? Because it ran out of juice” and other times it was just the good vibes that he emitted from his being. His favourite place to hang was down at Bondi Beach because he liked to provide good vibes to all the surfers and swimmers and people playing that game with the paddles and ball, is it called paddle ball? That game looks fun. For unknown reasons his vibes are strongest early Friday mornings and you can tell just how strong because a lot of the surfers in the line up turn fluro and have a great time. That’s why the call it #flurofriday. The End.

Check out more about Mulga and get his contact details via his bio page HERE.

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