2017 – Bec and Isa

Bec and Isa was completed in August 2017 by artist Kim Leutwyler. – the work features one women embracing another from behind, appearing to comfort her friend and lover.

Here’s a video of Kim at work shot by Cole Rodriquez:

We asked Kim for the background behind her work and she said:

There’s a lot of hate going around in the world these days, so I decided to make a mural about love. I create portrait paintings of LGBTQ+ identified and Queer-allied women, most recently focusing on those who have impacted my life in some way. My work toys with the concepts of glorification, objectification and modification, touching on the mutability of identity, gender and beauty. Although I enjoy working in a variety of mediums, this mural was created using house paint and acrylics. It depicts a quiet moment shared between my mates Bec and Isa, a beautiful couple who are currently separated by migration laws and an ocean.

2017 - Kim Leutwyler - Bec and Isa - detail
2017 – Kim Leutwyler – Bec and Isa – detail
2017 - Kim Leutwyler - Bec and Isa
2017 – Kim Leutwyler – Bec and Isa

You can see more of Kim’s work and contact her HERE.


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