Poppy Starr

At the shy age of 15, Poppy Starr has joined the elite group of pro skaters around the world that are competing on a world stage. Poppy is younger than most all her competitors competing the open division and continues to out-rank many of her peers both male and female who are almost a decade older than her. Already a passionate pioneer for women skaters in Australia and voted as one of the Top 12 Most Influential Girl Skaters in the World of 2012 at the age of 13, Poppy is quickly becoming one of Australia’s greatest exports.

Poppy’s talents extend into the art community as a jewelry designer and card designer and it was the sales of her art that help fund the early stages of her competition career at the legendary Bondi Skate Park. She now has an established business with her art being sold online and in several stores across the country.

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