2016 – Surfer Doggo

Surfer Doggo was painted by RANNA in December 2016 – the artist explained the background behind her work:

‘Surfer Doggo’ happened because I was sitting in a café looking for my next big job. A friend had suggested I try and get my work on the Bondi Seal Wall for exposure. After filling out half the application I realised the council needed to sketch/ plan of the work to approve. Immediately I thought ‘surfing dog’. Everybody loves a surfing dog.

Four months later the application was approved and I was down at the beach painting my Bondi pupper. Lot’s of children and families were immediately drawn to the image, which made my three-second decision one of those moments in time.

A traveller came up asking to take my photo and after a chat he asked why the surfer doggo? I replied “because with so much hurt and hate and bad things happening in the world, people could do with a surfing doggo”.

You can find out more about RANNA HERE.